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Can you get a second chance with your first love?

If saying yes was the easiest thing she’d ever done. Walking away had been the hardest.

Yet that’s exactly what Cindy did a year ago. Their youngest was out of the nest and they no longer had to pretend. Mike could go sow all the oats he wanted. The divorce nearly final, it was time to shed the old Cindy and meet the new one. So she ended one chapter and started another — with a solo cruise.

One small problem: So did Mike.

He’d been a fool for so long. The very thing he’d been yearning for was right in front of him and he didn’t even know it. He was desperate now, and desperate men did stupid things. Like booking the same cruise as his soon-to-be ex. Now if he can make it two weeks without her throwing him overboard …

Will Mike and Cindy be able to rekindle their love or will it be lost at sea? Download First Mates now to find out.

Professor McHottie is about to get schooled.

Playboy professor Marcus has risen to the top of his research field. He runs a tight ship for his grad students, who he keeps at arm’s length — women especially. The last one almost ended his career. Eager-to-please twenty-somethings are his kryptonite.

On the surface, graduate student Peyton seems like the perfect ingenue. Bookish. A bit meek, but focused. Not at all his type. He figures he can trust himself around her.

Career-minded Peyton has never met a man like her hot new advisor. Normally she can talk circles around her colleagues, but when Marcus is around, she turns into a blathering idiot.

Their chemistry is off the charts, but after their school cracks down on teacher-student relationships, they don’t dare give in to their desires. Can they keep things at a slow burn or will it explode, leaving their research — and their hearts — in pieces?

Nothing opens hearts and hearths like a snowstorm.

For most people, Christmas is a time for joy. For Brian Carson, it’s a reminder of the accident that took his sister’s life—and Beth Madison, his first love and the girl he blamed.

When a winter storm leaves Beth stranded at Brian’s quaint bed and breakfast, will the ice between them thaw or leave them frozen in the past?

Let It Snow will make you believe in the magic of Christmas and the gift of second chances.

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