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The Hardwood Country Club Series

At Hardwood Country Club, the competition isn’t the only thing heating up.

Fitz Prescott is a god on the golf course, and he’s on his way to achieving all of his dreams. Playboy of the tour, he’s flying high—until one drunken night lands him in the slammer and gets him a six-month suspension. Furious and reeling, he heads back to his hometown to regroup.

Tabby Collins has her hands full managing tennis and athletics at the country club. She doesn’t have time to do more than wonder about the sexy new golf pro she can’t keep her eyes off.

When Fitz and Tabby are teamed up to organized the biggest inter-club event of the year, the last thing Tabby needs is a spoiled, egotistical short-time golfer to deal with. But Fitz is none of those things. His determination and easy charm make her blood burn and her knees weak. Giving in to temptation, she is consumed by the pleasure she finds in Fitz’s arms.

Surprisingly, Fitz finds the one thing that’s been missing on the tour — someone to share it with, and he begins to question everything he’s spent years working for. When his suspension is up and his old life comes calling, will he walk away, or will true love win out?

It was only supposed to be one night. One incredibly steamy and satisfying night…

Confirmed bachelor Jason may be back in Hardwood, but with an aversion to relationships, settling down isn’t part of his master plan.

When he meets private and buttoned-up Chelsea and she says the magic words one-night stand, he’s only too happy to oblige. It was wild, passionate, and exhilarating. A night he can’t stop thinking about and wanting more of.

But neither are prepared when their casual one-nighter results in two blue lines.

Now that Jason and Chelsea are connected in the deepest way possible, will their secrets keep them apart or can they open their hearts and find a way to be a family?

He’s a game she never intended to play.

Free spirit Olivia knows everyone in Hardwood. Or at least she thought she did. After a bike crash, she opens her eyes and finds a handsome and mysterious man tending to her.

Brock lost everything two years ago and now lives a perfectly quiet life with his dog. A former Army medic, he knows a possible concussion when he sees one and he’s too much of a hero to kick Olivia off his property.

He’s able to deny her charms, and his desire, for the weekend — and keep his secret — but when he’s instructed to bring a plus-one to the family vacation, Olivia is his only hope. She also might just be his undoing.

A week with his family puts their fake relationship under the microscope, and Olivia soon learns there’s more to this handsome warrior than meets the eye. And she wants all of him.

What started as a game turns serious, but who’s in it for fun and who’s playing for keeps?

He was all she ever wanted in the one place she couldn’t stay…

Ten years ago, Gwen made the two biggest mistakes of her life — she slept with her best friend and then she ran away. But she couldn’t stay. Her whole life was in front of her and none of it was taking place in Hardwood. Plus, who meets their soul mate in kindergarten?

When she’s passed over for a big promotion and quits her high-powered job, she heads back to her hometown to regroup. To help pass the time, she returns to her theater roots and wins the lead in the fall musical.

Not only is Kyle Prescott still in Hardwood, he’s also newly single and her leading man. Again.

His sexy smile and easy charm were the reasons she left. But with every heat-filled look, she finds it harder and harder to remember why. And when his lips finally meet hers it’s like remembering how to breathe.

When Gwen is offered her dream job, she’ll face the hardest choice of her life. She walked away from true love once. Will she do it again?

Two weeks alone with the one woman who’s off limits?

Being from the wrong side of the tracks didn’t stop Lincoln Price from falling in love with his country-clubbing best friend’s little sister. He knew Josie was off limits, but when she kissed him on graduation night, all reason went out the window.

But they didn’t belong together, and he was leaving for boot camp the next day.

He thought he did the right thing by making a clean break.

Fifteen years later, he’s back in Hardwood ready to start fresh. When a statewide lockdown forces a change of plans, he gratefully accepts an offer to ride it out at his long-lost best friend’s family cabin.

Then Josie shows up with the same idea. Will old wounds bubble to the surface or will they pick up where they left off?

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