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The Hardwood Country Club Series

At Hardwood Country Club, the competition isn’t the only thing heating up.

Pro golfer Fitz is back in small-town Hardwood. This hometown hottie is marking time by working in the golf shop while he waits out a six-month suspension. All that’s on his mind is getting back to the tour until he meets Tabby.

Sexy, headstrong tennis pro Tabby is all business. After a very public breakup with a fellow employee, she was lucky to keep her job and has no plans to put that at risk. To her dismay, she needs Fitz’s help to pull off the club’s biggest event.

Fitz soon realizes it’ll take more than bulging biceps and an aw-shucks smile to win her over. Will she give in to Fitz’s formidable charms or keep things strictly professional?

Stiff Competition is a funny, steamy, heartwarming tale where love and redemption are par for the course. Tee up your copy today!

He’s back in town. She needs a pick-me-up. One steamy night changes everything.

At 18, Chelsea walked away from her fat-cat parents and chose independence over comfort. Now, ten years later, she has a career she’s proud of and is about to finish college. She’s careful and cautious and always makes careful decisions.

Well, almost always.

Confirmed bachelor and certified hottie Jason is back in Hardwood and has no intentions of settling down. He’s a single-serving-sex kind of guy with an aversion to relationships, but then he meets Chelsea.

What begins as a casual one-nighter ends with something neither of them is ready for — two blue lines.

Now that Jason and Chelsea are connected in the deepest way possible, can they open up to each other or will their secrets keep them apart?

Shotgun Start is Book 3 of the Hardwood Country Club series. You’ll fall in love with Jason and Chelsea in this sizzling surprise baby romance. Get your copy today!

He’s a game she never intended to play.

Free spirit Olivia knows everyone in Hardwood. Or at least she thought she did. But after a bike crash on private property, she opens her eyes and stares into the face of its handsome and mysterious owner.

Brock lost everything two years ago and now lives a quiet life with his dog on the outskirts of Hardwood. A former Army medic, he knows a possible concussion when he sees one and he’s too much of a hero to let Olivia go home alone.

He’s able to deny her charms and his desire for the weekend — and keep his secret — but there’s no way out of his upcoming family vacation. The only way to keep his nosy family off his back is by faking a relationship. If playing girlfriend is what it’ll take to win his heart, Olivia’s up to the challenge.

A week with his tight family puts their budding relationship under the microscope, but Olivia soon learns there’s more to this warrior than she thought. What started as a game turns serious, but who’s in it for fun and who’s playing for keeps?

Could you choose between your dream job and your soul mate?

Ten years ago, Gwen left Hardwood and the only boy she ever loved. As hard as it was to leave, she ghosted Kyle so she could focus on her career.

When she’s passed over for a big promotion, the stress of her high-powered job hits a breaking point which sends her back to Hardwood to regroup. While there, she returns to her theater roots and wins the lead in the fall musical.

Kyle’s not only still in Hardwood, he’s also newly single and her leading man.


It appears the stars have aligned for a second chance.

But when Gwen is offered her dream job, she’ll face the hardest choice of her life and this time ghosting isn’t an option.

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